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Front section-


1) Slide the front and rear bows into the sleeves. Stretch the sleeves 1/8" past the end of the bow and staple the end of the sleeve to keep it tight.


2) Slide the side rails in place and rivet them to the front and rear bows. There are (4) brackets that get riveted to the front bow at this point.


3) When fitting the front section, start with the center screw on the rear bow and then install the other screws working towards each end.


4) Stretch the front bow forward and start screwing the four tabs to the galvanized edge of the roof above the windshield. Sometimes the tabs that are screwed to the roof bend and can be corrected by adding a 3rd screw. The front bow might need to be adjusted when you fit the visor boards (which are the 2 metal pieces that covers those brackets).



Rear section-


1) Slide the bows into the sleeves and find the center screw hole and screw in the center screw of the rear bow.  Pulling the headliner forward, find the center hole and screw it to the roof.


2) Stretch the sleeves slightly outwards and screw in the remaining screws(3 on the front edge and 3 on the rear edge).


3) Brush some trim adhesive onto the roof where the retainer bar will lie above the alpine window. Also brush some adhesive on the back of the headliner and let it get tacky. Once tacky, stretch the sides of the headliner towards the alpine window and cut a small slice before sliding it over the bolt poking through the roof. Stretch the headliner taught and tack it to the metal roof.


4) Install the retainer bars above the alpine windows, and trim off the balance of the headliner with a razor blade.


5) locate the vents through the headliner and place the rings in their correct position. Take an awl or pointed  tool to locate the 6 correct screw holes. After you have installed the trim rings, you can cut the excess material covering the vents with a razor blade.


Installing the Series Land Rover Headliner Kit

Swb. Tropical Roof